Have you heard about this elk dinner?

It's All About Elk

We aren’t sure if you have ever been to an elk dinner or even an elk farm, but Executive Chef Adam Lambay created this dinner idea to bring together his culinary peers for a fun night and to introduce guests to this great locally-sourced meat. He says, “this will be a really fun way to cultivate farmer & chef friendships and raise awareness about elk, while we invite guests to experience how great elk can taste.” Adam has sourced elk from Kevin Hinkebein, Owner of Hinkebein Elk Farm for six years now, and the elk burger is a favorite on the Grapevine Grill Restaurant menu at Chaumette. Adam says the flavors of elk are “mildly gamey and bold and deep in flavors, it’s an interesting steak and braises and roasts really well. We’ve made a really delicious elk pastrami recently with great spices, too.” We are really excited about this unique dinner event at the beautiful Hinkebein Elk Farm and hope you are as well!  More event info:

Chefs Adam Lambay from Chaumette, 
Rex Hale from The Cheshire Hotel and Bar360,
Lou Rook from Annie Gunn’s,
Josh Galliano from The Libertine,
Matt Bessler from Schlafly Bottleworks  
and Dewayne Schaaf from Celebrations (Cape Girardeau)
create a festive elk supper, with our fantastic wine pairings and Schlafly beer!

 Elk is a favorite game meat for many chefs in its diversity of preparation, rich flavors and relative leanness, and here’s a chance to celebrate this “other red meat” with some of our region’s best chefs!

Each chef will prepare and serve their own favorite elk dish and side dishes, and desserts will be served in a family-style setting under tent at the picturesque Hinkebein Elk Farm in Ste. Genevieve County.
Tickets & Directions:


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